Power Your Home

A home battery designed to store clean energy, so you can use it anytime you want—at night or during an outage.

IoniX SmartWall:

Value & Advantages

High Performance

Add value to your property

Modern and compact

Pet and child friendly

Green energy

Renewable Energy Storage

Energy Load Tracking & Frequency Regulating

Back-Up Power

How It Works

Energy Conservation

Paired with a solar panel system, the revolutionary SmartWall stores excess energy for later use while reducing energy consumption when no one is home.

A Reliable Backup

The high-performing SmartWall preserves energy consumption, providing access to reserved power in outages or in case of emergency. Efficiency is key to IoniX, and with this cutting-edge technology, you have the autonomy to power your own home.

Your Home Control In Your Hands

The SmartWall empowers the modern homeowner with the necessary tools to monitor and manage their home energy consumption. Optimize your energy expenditure in real-time with our cloud-based battery management technology.


$20Billion in Health-Related Problems

Cutting nationwide energy consumption by 15 percent for one year via efficiency measures could help save six American lives a day and avoid up to $20 billion in health-related problems.


National Resources Defense Council


Houses optimized with energy-efficiency technology can rise in value by between 10 and 14%.




The Energy Storage Systems market size is projected to reach USD $31.47Billion by 2027.