Create a charging system tailored to your needs, whether it be residential or commercial. Integrate the EV Smart Charger into your home and experience energy efficiency at its finest.

EV Smart Charger:


Cutting-edge charging technology will enhance the way you see green energy. Our framework adapts to your lifestyle and business needs.

The innovative EV Smart Charger can charge your EV battery within 3-5 hours, suitable for multi-driver vehicles that require more charges or even multi EV homes.

Customize the charger to your space, with seamless integration to commercial or residential.

Boost your charger by incorporating additional stackable batteries to meet your needs.

Charging Powerhouse

The RV Freedom battery powers all devices within your RV using solar power. With our patented BMS system, experience features such as remote maintenance and monitoring.

A Long-Lasting Solution

With its remote repair function, you can enjoy a longer battery life, all while remaining a source of clean energy.

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